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Beta Tester Application - Online Games
Please fill out this form as completely as possible. Your application will remain on file for 6 months.

Privacy Information: This form automatically sends the information about which browser you are currently using along with the form information you have supplied. Information you provide in this form will not be used for purposes other than selecting beta testers for games from AshzFall and will not be made available to other companies or individuals outside of AshzFall.

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Depending on the game being tested, you may occasionally be required to install 3rd party plugins, install 3rd party controls and/or AshzFall controls, and/or enable scripting languages. (Note: You will be asked at the time of actual acceptance into a game test if you would be willing to install the controls or plugins for that game. This part of the application is just for you to indicate which technologies, in general, you are willing to enable or install on your system.)

Please indicate which of these technologies you would be willing to use:
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0 = no interest
1 = Willing. But, I never play that type and/or don't really like that type
2 = Interested. I play this type frequently and enjoy them, but they aren't my favorites
3 = Enthused. This is the type of game I play

Role Playing (RPG)
Trading/Collector Card

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